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Final Hardware Designs for Project Jarvis

I’ve been working on final hardware for Project Jarvis. Here is a mock up design with top and bottom layer screenshots. This board has isolation from AC current and DC current to make sure you don’t blow your micro controller unit. A single board can control 8 lights/appliances and has the ability to expand by multiples of 8 outputs using the same board design. You can control a maximum of 360 devices using just 3 pins on your micro controller, if you need more, you will need to use 3 more pins. I also have these boards without the isolated protection, which is cheaper, and I have them available in single modules that fit easily into a light or plug socket if you want to hide the modules. The single modules will need a separate expansion board located at the main server or in my case, The Black Box, if you want the benefit of using 3 pins to control all the modules.

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