Fingerprint Scanner Security

We have completed our fingerprint scanner and door lock and mounted it in it’s permanent place. The fingerprint scanner activates alarm mode and can only be deactivated by a valid fingerprint ID or by the master code using the keypad. The door lock can be triggered by alarm mode, NFC, voice recognition, web app and […]


Makerbot Stories features our work

We posted an image on Instagram recently (@iamteknik) of our 3D printed door lock. Makerbot Industries contacted us shortly afterwards and for those of you who don’t know, they are the largest commercial 3D printer manufacturer. They basically wanted to feature our door lock on their stories page found on their website so click the link below […]


Project Jarvis Hackaday Semfinalists

Project Jarvis A.I has made it into the semi-final round for the Hackaday Prize competition. We are one of the top 50 projects that made it in a total of ~800 entries and have obtained $1000 worth of electronics. We have until the end of September 2014 to get it ready for the judges where […]


Final Hardware Designs for Project Jarvis

I’ve been working on final hardware for Project Jarvis. Here is a mock up design with top and bottom layer screenshots. This board has isolation from AC current and DC current to make sure you don’t blow your micro controller unit. A single board can control 8 lights/appliances and has the ability to expand by […]


3D Hardware Renders in Sketchup

Check out my 3D renders made in Google SketchUp. This is my single channel relay board that fits into a light or plug socket. Dimensions are 21.59 x 36.37 x 20 mm. My SketchUp work sucks, I know but I made it for the competition that Jarvis is in. You can download the model here: […]


Jarvis Gains the Ability to Answer Questions

This is Project Jarvis with the ability to answer general knowledge questions. Still in early Alpha phases but its good enough to compete with S-Voice and also the 150 Million Dollar Siri. A comparison video will be out later tonight (8pm CAT) which will compare the speed to produce these results from Apple, Samsung and […]